The Beauty of Creation

I have come across a website called God of Wonders (

Because it aligns with what I believe, below are posted some of the video clips they present.  The beauty of the universe and the world around us is absolutely fantastic.  Personally, after studying about evolution, various forms of humanism, the amazing way man is put together (mind, body and soul), and creation from the tiniest to the most massive aspects of it, I simply cannot deny that there is a God who created all of this.

Take a look at the beauty of creation in this video clip.

You can find it at

Here’s a little of what is on the God of Wonders site.  I encourage you to visit it.  (Since they took a full video and broke it up into 9 parts, many of these videos clips end mid-sentence and continue in the very next video.  Keep that in mind as you take some time to go through them.)

Part 1 of 9

This was retrieved from YouTube at

Part 2 of 9

This was retrieved from YouTube at

Part 3 of 9

This was retrieved from YouTube at

Part 4 of 9

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Part 5 of 9

Retrieved from

Part 6 of 9

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Part 7 of 9

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Part 8 of 9

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Part 9 of 9

Retrieved from

Personally, I believe it takes a massive faith to study creation (the world around us and the universe) and believe that all of this order, beauty and glory came into being from absolutely nothing, that life came from non-life, and that we came into being through the mass randomness of evolution.  There are too many mathematical impossibilities for that to possibly be true.

Another interesting fact is that thousands of years ago things were written in the Bible that science only started discovering in the 20th century.

I cannot deny God’s existence.  It is evident in all of creation and it is evident in the way He has worked in my life.

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