Juicing… Does It Work? (Part 1)

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Recently I watched a movie called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead“.  (You’ll have to put in your name and e-mail address, but if you don’t want to be on their mailing list, you can opt out later.  I haven’t received a bunch of e-mails, if that worries you.)  The movie was a little over 1 1/2 hours long.   It was a documentary of a man’s journey from literally being fat, sick and “nearly dead” back to health and how he helped other people in the process who helped others.  His weight loss was amazing, from 325 down to his ideal weight and health.  One of the men he helped weighed over 400 pounds and got down to his ideal weight as well, was phased off of all of his medications and finally felt healthy for the first time in his life.

I was amazed that anyone could go on a juice fast for as long as he did.  He fasted on freshly made fruit and vegetable juices for 60 days.  But, seeing the transformation in him made me realize that there is something to this juicing thing.  There’s no way a person can eat the amount of fruit and vegetables in a day that would be beneficial.  But, we can get additional nutrients through vegetable and fruit juice.  So, adding juicing to our diet to boost our nutrient intake is a good thing.

Why I gained weight

I have had the hardest time losing weight.  Every time I lose, I gain it back again.  But, how did it all start?  Let’s be honest.  My weight gain came from eating too much fast food.   I was constantly on the go and not getting nearly enough sleep… unorganized (with regard to bringing my own food), working with my husband on our business in the evenings, taking care of a home and family, and so busy at work that I would just quickly swing by a fast food place to grab a lunch and eat it at my desk while working.  Sitting at my desk, sitting in the car during a 45 minute commute (each way), sitting at my desk at home, sitting, sitting, sitting.  Then, because I was working late and didn’t have time to make dinner, I would run by the store or another fast food place and bring a pre-made dinner home.  (Not every day, but too often.)  Then I lost my job and our budget was severely cut.  So, I started making more pastas, breads, and other starches to stretch our food budget out.

I gained so much weight and I have not been able to take it off since, with the exception of a few yoyo experiences.  When I first started this blog I had great plans to lose weight, but no matter how hard I tried, I’d lose only a little and then hit a huge plateau.  It was frustrating.  My earlier blog about not getting frustrated was more for my benefit than any reader’s benefit, but I was hoping to encourage others along the way.

What is happening now

Well, this movie has encouraged me.  Right now I’m 80 pounds overweight (at least 80 pounds above where I want to be) and have aching in my joints and pain in my chest.  I wake up in the morning with everything hurting, from my neck to my fingers to my feet.  The joints are all so sore.  I’m told that the pain in my chest is from severe heart burn, not actual heart problems.  My doctor, as wonderful as he is, tends to cover up symptoms using medication rather than discovering the root of the problem and addressing that.  Medication has side effects which cause other symptoms.  I’d prefer to find the cause and deal with that.

One thing I noticed in the movie was how it was helping reduce inflammation.  So, I started juicing yesterday (careful to avoid vegetables that encourage inflammation such as tomatoes and peppers).  Last night I did not have chest pain (from heart burn).  This morning I weighed precisely 3 pounds less than I did yesterday.  So, I’m all in.  I’m now committed to seeing how juicing will help reboot my body and help me address the cause of my health problems.

Let’s do it!

I’m now on day 2 of juice fasting.  A full glass of juice periodically throughout the day works for me and I have not felt hungry yet.  But, I do have to say I am not on a true fast.  I am drinking about 8 glasses of fruit/vegetable juice a day, but am also eating vegetables and fruits to get the fiber and a sense of crunching on something.  Last night when I made the family their dinner, I ate a serving of the vegetables that were being served.  I get the shakes on plain juice diets, but I may not on this because it is freshly juiced fruits and vegetables, not processed and bottled ones.  That may be the difference.

So, I’ll get back to you to let you know about the progress of a fruit/veggie juice fast and how it effects me.  Maybe this will encourage you to reboot your own body.

Conquering The Paper Monster

Piles on the shelf

I swear that paperwork multiplies overnight when I’m not looking!

I was doing so well at getting organized and here I am again looking at piles of papers.  I clearly have not been following my plan.  Instead, because of a busy schedule, paperwork ends up getting shoved onto a book shelf beside my desk.  It’s overwhelming when I see the piles.  It takes “forever” to go through them.  Tackling one pile a day is time consuming and my subconscious tells me that there isn’t THAT much time in the schedule to deal with it.  So, I procrastinate, which makes it worse.  Then I finally deal with it, getting everything organized for a while only to have it all pile back up again.   You can actually see my desk top at least once a month.  But, the sad thing is that I’m not one of those people who has a messy desk, but knows where everything is.  Here’s my confession.  I have a messy desk that is a black hole and I can’t find anything when I need it.

A shelf in the closet. Yikes!

Does this story sound familiar to you?  If yes, read on.  If no (perhaps because you’re naturally ultra organized), read on anyway.  Maybe it will help you understand what a family member or friend of yours is wrestling with on a regular basis.  Send them to this blog entry. 

My goal is to encourage anyone who operates like me to get organized along with me.  That means discovering the ultimate problem… always going back to old, hard-to-break, bad habits and dealing with that once and for all.

The bag of junk from my kitchen counter

On with the story.  There are three guys in my house.  Between the four of us (and I have to admit my youngest and I are the worst culprits), the kitchen counter seems to be a collection place for receipts, toys, junk mail, and so much more.  The other day I couldn’t stand it anymore and put everything on the kitchen counter into a paper bag to deal with later.  (More procrastination.)  Now the counter looks tidy, but there’s a black “sort through your paperwork” cloud hovering over my head.  Sigh.

Do I not know how to get organized?  Certainly, I know how.  I’ve “gotten myself organized” many, many times.  Maybe you can relate to this.  The problem is that things get set down and on goes our busy schedule.  Maybe the phone was ringing as I rushed into the kitchen.  Maybe I was putting groceries away and wanted to keep the grocery and pharmacy receipts so onto that handy spot on the counter they went or I needed to shred them because I noticed they had both the last four digits of my credit card number and my name.  Then more things get set down… newspaper articles I wanted to keep, a recipe printed out from the internet, my son’s toys or homework, magazines, etc.  There’s always an excuse.  Because there’s always something on my mind, I’ll get to it later.  Next thing I know, the paper monster has been let loose and has grown.  Why in the world do I keep all this paperwork to go through “later”.  I don’t like to throw away anything that has my name and address or any other personal information on it.  It’s best to shred it.  Instead of taking a couple of minutes to shred right then, it goes in the pile to deal with later.


A clean counter is nice

I know EXACTLY what to do.  Simply do not put paperwork down to deal with later.  Every day go through the mail.  Toss junk mail that doesn’t have identifying information on it.  Take a minute to shred any part of a piece of mail that does have identifying information and toss the rest of the letter if it’s not something I need to keep.   Put bills directly into my “To Be Paid” inbox on my desk.  Put any mail that needs action right away into an action folder for when I’m at my desk and ready to deal with it.   Or better yet, do this sorting at my desk with the trash on one side, the file cabinet on the other, the scanner on my desk, and my check book handy.  File anything that needs to be filed or put receipts in my handy dandy NEAT scanner pile.     Take 5 to 10 minutes a day (depending on how much mail you get) to do this and you can maintain a neat and tidy desk and counters.

So, if a person knows what to do and they simply aren’t doing it, does that mean they’re lazy?  Absolutely not.  It is just a matter of MAKING TIME to do it.  There are so many things in our schedule and I’m sure the same is true for you.  The thing to do is to take ten minutes a day to address the mail, receipts from the store, etc.  During that time, clear the kitchen counter (or kitchen table or wherever your sore spot is located) of anything and everything that shouldn’t be there.  Make it a habit.  Don’t set paperwork down to deal with later or it will multiply BECAUSE you have just gone back to a bad habit that you’ve been practicing for years.


OK, so here’s the challenge for myself and all of my readers.  (My husband is going to like this.)  One step at a time.


1. Take all receipts from your wallet.  File any that you need to keep, shred any that have the last four digits of your credit card and name on them and throw away those that don’t and aren’t needed.   (Unless you’re an avid shopper, this shouldn’t take longer than a minute or so.)

2. Put your mail on the kitchen counter (or your desk, if you have one).  Picking up one envelope at a time immediately throw the junk away that has no identifying information about you on it.  Tear out the identifying info on those that do.  Shred what you tore out and throw away the rest of the junk from that envelope.  Open all bills and put them into a “bills” file for your desk.  Read the rest of your mail.  File anything that needs to be filed.  (Don’t set it down to be done later.)  Put all letters and invitations that need a response on your desk (or the corner you have for working).  Done for now.  That shouldn’t have taken more than 10 minutes for most people.  If yours takes 15, then make time for 15 minutes a day.

3. Take a small pile from your paper pile and do the same with them.  (How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.  You don’t have to tackle the whole pile.  Just take one small section of it every day… one bite.)

That’s it.

The next day do the same.

The next day do the same.  And keep doing this day by day until your piles are finally cleared.

None of us can tackle the HUGE overwhelming pile.  But, we can certainly chip away at it a little at a time until everything is cleared.  Once your piles are cleared, keep doing steps 1 and 2 every single day so that those piles don’t ever reappear as a paper monster again.  It’s that simple. These two steps should not take more than 5 – 10 minutes a day.  Just focus on that one small task each day and it won’t be overwhelming in the midst of a busy schedule.

Now, here’s the thing.  It’s easy to go back to bad habits.  Skip this just one day and you’re there.  Just keep doing this every day until it becomes a good habit that has replaced the old bad one.

Imagine how freeing it will be to be able to find what you need when you need it and to not have piles of paper around.  Let’s get organized in this one small way.  Are you willing and ready to join me?

Let’s do this together.


The Adventures of Owning a Puppy

Day 2 at our house

Several months ago my sons and I were driving up a highway near our home when we saw two little puppies dragging themselves along the road.  They were skin and bones.  There were no houses close by.     I stopped the car and got out.  One of the puppies saw me and made a dash into the undergrowth in the woods by the road.  I couldn’t get to him.  But, the other puppy looked like he didn’t even have the energy to do that.  He hurried away, but I just talked to him in a soft, gentle voice so he stopped and turned to look at me.  Little by little I got closer, talking to him the whole time.  When I got close enough I crouched down closer to his level and held my hand out, gently talking.  He came close and I picked him up.

We put him in the car, drove home, and put him in the fenced in part of our back yard.   We didn’t have any dogs.  The only food I had was cat food.  I put some in a bowl and while he was scarfing that up, I called the vet.  They let me come in that afternoon and gave him an examination.  The vet said he was severely malnourished.  (When they did a test for worms, there was nothing in his intestine to even do a test.  He hadn’t eaten in who knows how long.)  The vet thought he was around 12 weeks old that first day.

Day 1 — 05-13-13

We came back home armed with puppy food and snacks, toys, a collar and leash, and medication.  After such a traumatic day (being “captured”, going to a strange home, visiting the vet and all that riding in the car), the puppy ate and immediately fell asleep in a box lined with a comfortable blanket.  We didn’t know if we were going to find a pet recue/shelter for him or keep him ourselves at that point.

It took about three days of eating and getting his energy up before he actually started playing like a puppy.  He was a tiny thing, but the vet said to feed him four cups of food a day.  Wow!  I spread it out throughout the day so he wouldn’t get bloated and be uncomfortable.

We decided to keep him.  My husband wanted him to be an outdoor dog, but I told him that I can’t be out in the heat a lot and he needs to be with us in order to be trained.  So, I brought him into the house for 10 minutes at a time.  Sigh.  Every time we had him in the house (without fail) he’d pee on the carpet.  We couldn’t get him to pee on the pee pads.  So, I had my handy dandy steamer carpet cleaner ready for accidents… and used it often.

(By the way, I saw the other puppy several times and each time I’d try to coax him close, he’d go into the underbrush where I couldn’t get to him.  Then he disappeared and I haven’t seen him since.  I’m hoping he disappeared because some other family took him in.)

Taking a Nap

He was used to being an outdoor dog.  But, in order to house train him, we had to have him inside a little more than I was allowing.  His dog house is inside the screened in porch.  But, he seemed to prefer to sleep on the chairs or sofa out there as soon as he was big enough to climb up.  Otherwise, he liked the fluffy blanket behind and under the love seat.  (Everything is dirty from his digging in the yard and then coming and sitting all over the furniture.  It all needs a good cleaning.  He’s also chewed our furniture and ruined it.  I suppose this is one of the no so pleasant parts of having a puppy.  I’ll be glad when he stops chewing on everything.)

My son was totally enamored with the puppy.  He spent practically every waking moment that he could with him… and some sleeping moments.  But, then the puppy started to grow and get aggressive.  He’d growl and bark at my son, going right up to him and acting like he was trying to herd him and control him.  It’s almost as if he was saying to my son, “No you can’t go there.”  Or, “No, you can’t do that.”  So, we have had to work on that behavior.  I talked with the vet about that and she said that was normal behavior.  Hmmm… it’s not normal to me.  I don’t like any dog growling and barking at my children, even if his tail is wagging while doing it.

He also bites and nips at me, dashing at me to bite and jumping away.  But, the whole time he’s doing it, his tail is wagging like he’s trying to play.  From what I read, this is also normal aggressive behavior and has to be trained out of him.

Second day we had him

He’s a mix.  The vet initially thought beagle and fox hound.  But, he’s now bigger than either of those dogs.  His face looks a bit like a lab.  He also has very big eyes and is now about 45 pounds at 7 months old.  When something gets his attention, he lifts up his right, front leg (like a pointer) and his tail points… sort of…  Instead of going straight back, it curls up over his back with the tip pointing toward what he’s looking at and it’s very cute.

This little guy, sweet as he looks is stubborn as a mule.  He knows commands.  But, he only obeys when he wants to do so.  For example, if he knows I have treats in my hand and I say sit, he’ll immediately sit.  But, if I don’t have a snack in my hand, he simply is not going to obey unless he feels like it.   He knows come, stay, sit, etc.  He also knows “drop it” as he gets into things he shouldn’t and we have to take them away.  “Down” is another one because he keeps jumping on us.  All of these behaviors need to be addressed and we’re still trying to figure out what works when a puppy is stubborn and doesn’t WANT to obey.

Sept 20 2013
Oops, I woke him up

The nights are getting cooler and I just don’t like the idea of him being out there in the winter.  So, we bought a crate and, at 7 months, started crate training.  (By the way, he is now house-trained and spends a lot more time in the house.)  We have cats.  We can’t just let him roam in the house at night because he barks and barks at them.  For two nights I was exhausted as he would whine and cry.  About 2 in the morning, I’d let him outside.   On the third night, again around 2 am, in desperation I put a cover over his crate.  He settled down.  So, ever since then, when I tell him “night, night” I cover the crate and he sleeps through the night.

Little by little he’s settling down.  There are plenty of things to still work on, but we are discovering together what it’s like to own a puppy and have to train him.  Hopefully, we’ll be training him and not the other way around.

Finishing the Race Well

I have a friend who has been battling cancer for 5 years. Through it all, she has had an amazing, godly attitude.  She has touched the hearts of many people and impacted their lives.  Any struggles she feels, she takes it to the Lord.  Any anxiety, she lays at His feet.  Concerns for her family who will be left behind are brought to God and left with Him because she knows that she and those she loves are in His hands.

She looks forward to seeing God face-to-face. She looks forward to meeting her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  She knows, without a doubt, where she is going when she dies and that gives peace in the midst of pain.  And her life and testimony have been incredible through this whole ordeal.  There is no fear.

I haven’t had the opportunity to see her for some time now, but I wanted to share her blog entry with you because I believe it is incredibly important.  It is powerful and rich!

Running to Home Base

Do you know what will happen to you when you die?  Will you be with God or forever separated from Him?  Have you made your choice?   We never know what will happen in life.  It’s important to be prepared.

Are you going through a struggle?  Are you in the midst of a battle with cancer or some other disease?  Are you able to take it to God and rest in His hand?  I hope that this blog entry is a huge encouragement to you.


Product Review – Paws and Claws Multi-Cat Scoopable Cat Litter

I have three cats. They’re sweet and loving. They are cuddlers who want lots of attention. And, they need cleaning up after… in particular, I’m talking about the litter box.

I’ve been using Scoop-Away Multi-Cat for some time now and it works beautifully. But, this time I was lured by a decent price, the promises on the box, and the ability to buy it right there instead of spending additional time and gas going to where I can purchase my brand after finishing my shopping at this new store.  I ended up purchasing a 40 lb. box of Paws and Claws Multi-Cat Scoopable Cat Litter.  As you can see from the picture of the box, it boasts of the ability to neutralize ammonia odor AND lasts 8 times longer.  Whooo hooo!   Great price, same odor control as what I use now (since it “neutralizes” it), and lasts 8 times longer!  What a deal.

(I posted the bigger picture so that smaller words could be seen.  The white spot in the middle is the flash from my camera, not part of the box.)  Read on…

Paws and Claws Litter - Product Review

Being confident in the “promises”, I bought a 40 pound box.  I am now finished with the 40 pounds of litter and it’s time to review the product.

Promise:  Ideal for Multi-Cats

In my opinion, this isn’t a multi-cat litter.  Why?  Read on.

Promise:  Lasts 8 times longer

I’m not sure what brands they are comparing their litter to at this point or if they’re comparing it to another formula of their own litter.  So, my question is, “It lasts 8 times longer than what?”  (I should have asked that before purchasing it on impulse.)

I am comparing it to the brand I usually use.  I buy the 34 pound box of Scoop-Away Multi-Cat.  That lasts me for approximately two weeks with three cats.

I purchased this litter exactly 7 days ago.  I scooped the last of it out of the litter box this morning.  That is 40 pounds of “multi-cat” litter used up in 7 days!  At that rate of usage, the litter is EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE.

Why did it get used up so quickly?

I have to say it clumps well.   There was very little loose wet litter.  (I’m saying very little, not none.)  When a cat pees, a whole bunch of the litter soaks up the pee and suddenly I have a brick (a really heavy one at that) to get out of the litter box.  I am talking 1/2 to 3/4 the size of a real, honest-to-goodness building brick.  (Perhaps all week long my three cats took to peeing in the exact same spot as the cat that went into the box before them.)  My usual litter clumps well, too.  It clumps urine into small balls that are easily removed.   But, urine seemed to go down to the bottom of the litter box with this litter and clump everything, top to bottom, soaking up a bunch of litter each time and turning it into a huge clay brick that stuck to the sides and bottom of the box and was difficult to get out of the box unless you have a huge, sturdy scoop.

That, my friends, is why this litter was used up so quickly.  It soaked up far more litter than expected each time.  I only have three cats.  This is supposed to be for “multi-cats”.   So, again… I’m not sure what the company is comparing this litter to when it says that it lasts 8 times longer.

Promise:  Advanced Odor Control

I don’t know how to say this except to be very straight forward.  This past week my house stunk so badly that I could hardly stand it.  The promise of “advanced odor control” may be in comparison to some other litters out there.  I hear that some of them are really bad.  Suffice it to say, I’m glad I didn’t try them if they are worse than this.

I’m back to my usual brand and the awful stink that was lingering in my house all week is gone.

I would much rather have given a good product review.  But, it is what it is.  This product did not work for me at all on any of the three levels promised and I will not be buying it again.


Product Review – Paleo Bread

Paleo BreadTwo and a half weeks ago I ordered Paleo Bread made with Coconut flour from Julian Bakery.   (A friend of mine on Facebook “liked” Paleo bread so that’s how I came to know about Paleo bread and Julian Bakery.)  About a week and a half after my order, they finally charged my account.  Today (a week later) I received my two loaves of Paleo bread.  I paid for 2nd day air.   (You have to freeze it as soon as you get it home, according to the instructions in huge words on the shipping box.)

I have never used coconut flour before so I wanted to try some bread made from it before buying flour and trying to bake something myself.  The description on their website sounded good.  I’ve been looking forward to trying items made with other kinds of flour and I’ve heard good things about coconut flour.

Paleo ComparisonAbove is a picture of the loaf (with only one thin piece missing) in comparison to my tea pot and Honey Bell oranges from QVC.  The loaves of bread are very small.  Here is a picture comparing it to a regular, unopened loaf of Pepperidge Farms bread and below comparing slice to slice so that you can see the size of each piece.

My husband likes white bread because it’s light.  So, I’m really trying to find a bread he can enjoy that isn’t heavy, but that is a healthier option for him.  We’ve tried all different kinds of “store bought” breads.  I’ve made many different kinds of homemade breads.  They’re tasty.  But, they’re still loaded with carbs.  So, it seems coconut flour is a low carb option.

Paleo Slice ComparisonLooking forward to trying the bread I opened the box right away, put one loaf in the freezer and opened the other loaf.   I took out one slice.  I’m sure that Julian Bakery will not appreciate my observations, but I would like to share with others so that you can have a more informed decision about buying it than just the information on their website.  I cannot say, in good conscience, that I enjoyed even one bite of this bread.

  1. One loaf of Paleo bread made from coconut flour is $7.99 (plus shipping).  Two loaves and shipping cost me $31.15.  That was a price I was willing to pay to try it once because I couldn’t find anything like it where I live, but normally I’m far more budget conscious.  That much money can buy me 7 loaves of good, tasty bread (not the light fluffy stuff) in a local store.
  2. The bread is very heavy and chewy.  (I’m not talking about a pleasant chewy like crusty Italian bread.  It’s more like a soft rubber band kind of chewy.)
  3. Each piece is quite small and thin compared to a “normal” slice of bread.
  4. It has a rather odd smell coming out of the bag.  (I can’t even begin to describe the smell.  It’s not strong, but it is odd.  It won’t bother most people, I’m sure.  However, my nose is quite sensitive and I can smell things before others do.  I have to wonder what ingredient is causing that smell.)
  5. There is no flavor to the bread at all.  It’s extremely bland and I am very disappointed.  There is clearly not enough salt in it, either, if any.

In order to give it a little flavor, I put a small amount of apricot jam on the bread.  That didn’t make it any more palatable.  It was simply apricot jam on a bland, unpleasantly chewy, slightly odd smelling piece of bread.

I do NOT like wasting food.  But, I can’t figure out what to do with this bread.   It doesn’t seem absorbant enough to soak up an egg mixture to make a tiny piece of french toast, but I’ll try that.  I’ll try it as a sandwich bread and other things.  And, then I’ll report back.  Perhaps as a backdrop to something else (like tuna salad, ham, or turkey) it will be just fine.


  1. I made cinnamon toast.  I toasted and toasted and toasted it.  After 9 minutes in the toaster, it still wasn’t toasted although the outside crust was a tiny bit crisp and tasted (for a slight moment) like toasted sesame seeds.  Then that flavor (from the outside crust only) disappeared.  So, I put butter and cinnamon sugar on it to see if that would improve the flavor.  It sat on my plate for a short period of time and there was a liquid that came out of it onto the plate… but, it was still rubbery-chewy (as if I had chewed up a soft rubber band and had tiny bits of it in my mouth), bland, and had that unpleasant odor about it.  It wasn’t crispy like toast.  The texture never changed.
  2. Instead of wasting an egg, I experimented to see if it would soak up liquid.  I soaked a piece in water for a minute.  When I picked it up out of the water with two fingers, it still held its shape and stood out from my fingers, perfectly straight as it had before the soaking.  None of the water had soaked in and there wasn’t any evidence of softening like a grain flour would do.  So, I know that I can’t make french toast from it.  That will just end up being scrambled egg around a rubbery bread.
  3. I tasted a little bit with a piece of cheese.  The cheese didn’t do anything for the taste or texture.

I can’t imagine what to do with this bread.  I won’t be wasting any further ingredients trying to figure out what might help because the taste and texture (along with that slight odor) still remain.

UPDATE – June 15, 2013

Since writing this review I have purchased and used coconut flour in a number of my own recipes.  Not one of them smelled like this bread.  Not one of them was rubbery or unbearably chewy and inedible like this bread.  Not one of them tasted like this.  I have to conclude that it isn’t the coconut flour.  The horrible taste, smell and “rubberiness” of this paleo bread is unique to this bakery.  From other reviews I’ve read, the almond paleo bread from this bakery is the same way.

Each of the breads that I’ve made using coconut flour turned out tender and tasty.   I’ve made bread, pancakes, and baked donuts with it.  If you use coconut flour, remember that it absorbs a lot of liquid.  You will have to let it sit for about 10 minutes if you’re making pancakes or anything with a batter.  It also has a mild scent of coconut which comes out in your breads.  But, I highly suggest that you get your own coconut flour and experiment with your own breads, pancakes, cupcakes, etc.

UPDATE – September 20, 2013

I get my coconut and almond flour from Bob’s Red Mill because I live in the country without the convenience of stores that would carry this type of thing.  Click on Bob’s Red Mill to find out more about coconut flour.  I’ve come to believe that homemade is always better than store bought and whole, natural foods are better than processed foods.  Bob’s Red Mill also has a bunch of recipes for coconut flour.

Remember my comment about Paleo Bread being like a chewy rubber band and that it wouldn’t soak up any liquid?  I had to chuckle because I found an online demonstration of what I had experienced.  It never occurred to me to test it in these ways.

The Sting of Death

Evidently the person who wrote this wanted to remain anonymous.  But, I liked it so much that I wanted to share it with you all.

Bee stingOnce a boy and his father were driving along the road in the family car when a bee flew in the window. The boy got very upset when he saw the bee buzzing around his head and he began throwing his arms around madly, almost causing an accident. Maybe you think he was a coward, but that boy was a special case. You see he was allergic to bee stings! The doctors had told him that if he ever got stung by a bee again he would die of the sting! So naturally enough the boy was very frightened of the bee.

The father tried to brush it out of the car window, but couldn’t make it go out. So he quickly grabbed the bee!  But it escaped, and buzzed around the boy’s head again making him scream with terror this time. Well, the bee was still in the car, but the father pulled over to the edge of the road and said to the boy, “It is OK.  You are all right.” Then he opened his hand, and there sticking into his palm the boy could see the bee sting!  His father had allowed the bee to sting himself! He had taken the sting out of the danger. There was no danger about the bee any more.

In much the same way Jesus Christ has taken the “sting” out of death itself. He let death “sting” Him instead of ourselves, so we could live forever and never die. How wonderful! In I Corinthians 15:55-57, the Bible tells us about that “sting” being taken out of death by Jesus Christ:

“Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?”

The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Sin makes us unable to face a Holy God after we die. We cannot keep God’s Law. But Jesus Christ has fixed that for us, He has given believers the “victory” or made us winners over death. Praise God, we will never really die when we trust in Jesus as our Lord.

– Author Unknown