Who Can You Encourage Today?


Kindness:  benevolence, humanity, generosity, charity, sympathy,compassion, tenderness, good will

Everyone needs kindness in their lives.  Who has God placed in your path or on your mind that needs kindness shown to them in some way or another today?

What about the mother who is discouraged and needs to know that someone is praying for her… Does she need a phone call or a note of encouragement? Does your pastor need to know that his hard work is making a difference and that you’re thinking about and praying for him and his family? Does that college friend of your child’s (whose home is far away) need a care package? Do you know of a teenager who is having a particularly tough time in school and needs encouragement? Do you know of a secretary who feels unappreciated at work?  How about the server who served lunch to you? How about those new adoptive parents or brand new parents? How are they settling in with their new child?

Your spouse, your children, friends, an aunt or uncle, Mom and/or Dad, cousins, your next door neighbor, your child’s teacher… there are so many people out there who, despite the happy faces on Facebook or when they first see you, are living normal, every day lives.  You know what I mean.  We all have struggles of some sort or another.

Who needs your encouragement today? What can you do to reach out to them today and let them know someone cares?

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