The Flood and the Plumber

I hadn’t realized how long it had been since I had logged in and posted something, let alone answered people who responded to my blogs. It’s so easy to get swept away by the activities in life like one can get swept away by a river. it’s time to be far more intentional…

I woke up just before 4 am this morning. (I’m not a morning person and that certainly wasn’t on purpose.) After laying there for about 15 minutes, I decided to get up and have my quiet time, catch up on Facebook, plan my day, and log into my blog. It has been a very positive start to the day. So, this morning I have a story to tell you.

On Christmas Eve Day I went to put clothes from the washer into the dryer and heard the oddest noise. It sounded like water spraying, but that couldn’t be! I listened closely and opened up the door to the hot water closet. Water was spraying out of one of the bendable copper pipes. How does a copper pipe break when it has been a couple of years since anyone touched it??? (Our landlords installed the water heater.) My husband was gone for the day (shopping with the kids) and wasn’t taking his phone into the stores with him. I couldn’t get ahold of him. There was no shut off valve to the water heater. (Why wasn’t there a shut off valve???!!! I’m not a plumber, but that would be a logical thing to install when one installs a water heater.)

I didn’t have a clue how to stop the water. I called our landlord and, of course, couldn’t reach him. I called every plumber in the book. Most didn’t respond because it was Christmas Eve. A couple said they didn’t have anyone to send over and couldn’t tell me how to shut off the water. Meanwhile, water is spraying from the pipe. I called my sister-in-law (a 45 minute drive away) to see if she could try to reach my husband by phone and let him know what was going on. She suggested I go to the neighbor up the hill. (Now why didn’t I think of that?) I got in the car and drove to his house, telling him I had an emergency and needed help. He came down and checked our well. No cut off valve there. Finally, he told me to shut off all of the breakers because he couldn’t find the cut off valve in any accessible spot. None of the circuit breakers seemed to work, so I just shut the whole house off. THANK GOODNESS, the water stopped spraying.

I was beginning to think we’d have to go through a freezing winter night (or however long it might be before a plumber can come) with no electricity/heat. I also felt badly. Our neighbor is over 80 years old and crawling around under our house to find a shut off valve. He finally found it so I could turn the electricity back on again. I thanked him profusely.

I finally reached my husband and he suggested I call a business associate of his who is a plumber. I did and, bless the man’s heart, as soon as he got my voice mail (later that night), he called and said he’d be there first thing in the morning. He took time from his family’s Christmas morning activities to fix the problem and then came back a week or so later to put shut off valves in appropriate places.

Then this last week, we had problems. It turns out there was another leak, but this time under the house. The landlord and his wife came (he has a 2 or so hour drive) to fix the problem themselves. So, all day Saturday they were working on it. With everything they did, another part of the plumbing would burst. They kept going back and forth to Lowes to pick up more supplies. But, it was finally fixed.

It turns out it wasn’t fixed. For the third time since Christmas Eve, we are without water. Yesterday before dinner we lost all water pressure. My husband went under the house and there was a river under there. The plumbing the landlord had fixed broke. We got in touch with him and he called the same plumber who was so willing to respond quickly at Christmas. So, the plumber will be coming this morning to professionally fix the plumbing. What a blessing that he is so responsive. (In the meantime, there are half washed dishes in the dishwasher and soaked clothes in my washer. We’re pouring water we’ve bought into the toilet tanks so that they can be flushed and are brushing our teeth in drinking water.) I am sincerely hoping this is the end of it, but the house is 19 years old. So, I’m wondering what else will happen.

I am determined, however, that no matter the circumstances, this will be a good day! And I wish the same for you.

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