Going to the City

We live a 12-minute-drive from the closest city.  The word city is relative in people’s minds.  Folks like me who spent years in places like Vancouver, San Diego County, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, Seattle, Chicago, New York or any other big city… well, we might call this a very, very small town, indeed.  However, its articles of incorporation as a city were filed in 1855.  So, a city it is.  (As a point of reference, the entire population of our little city, according to the latest census, is equal to the membership of the church I attended in San Diego County.)  For the purposes of this little post, I shall call this a “town” and the closest bigger city a “city”.

Our little town has its own charm, but it is missing the conveniences of the city.  Many of the people I know go to the city to see a doctor, go to stores like Costco, drop off at the Good Will or Salvation Army, go shopping in a mall, go to organic food stores, or to even have a choice of restaurants at which to eat.   (The selection in our town is very small, although slowly growing.)

The closest larger city from our house is 45 minutes away… driving to where we want to go in that city takes longer.  Most of the big shopping we need to do is done there and certainly, if we want to do a good deal of organic shopping, we need to go in to the city.  So, we have to save up and combine all errands that are city-related to do in one day.  Unfortunately, it is often an all-day proposition.  Today was a “going to the city” day.

It’s been a LONG day.  I’m so tired right now.  So, tonight we’ll simply have polish sausage and potato soup with toast for dinner.  It’s the easiest thing I can think of with the ingredients I have on hand.  (It’s simmering right now… potatoes and polish sausage cut into bite sized pieces and thrown into chicken stock with diced carrots, diced onions, peas and corn.  I also added a bit of red pepper flakes, salt and pepper.  The stock I’m using has no gluten or MSG in it, but has big flavor and doesn’t need a lot of seasoning.  The sausage and veggies will flavor it up nicely.  In the meantime, as soon as I’ve finished writing this I’m going to sit down and start watching a Christmas movie.  I’m not going to do one more thing tonight… except dishes.