Product Review – Keurig Vue

We’ve been using our Keurig Brewing System for three years now and love it.  However, I saw an infomercial (Direct TV Keurig) on the new Keurig Vue and decided that it was time to get a new machine.

Don’t get me wrong.  There’s nothing wrong with the old one.  I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a coffee machine that makes individual cups of coffee.  We’ve never had any trouble with it in the past three years.  It has been like the Energizer Bunny and kept going and going and going.  We still have tea, hot chocolate and apple cider pods to use up so will continue to use the old one until all of the pods are gone.  Then some lucky person will be able to purchase it at a garage sale and enjoy freshly brewed coffee with every cup.

I usually don’t watch infomercials.  But, the thing that got my attention is that we can change the temperature and the strength, unlike our regular Keurig.  I enjoy mild coffee and regular teas, hot chocolate and apple cider, but I like that mild drink to be very hot.  My husband likes drinks that are not smokin’ hot and enjoys strong coffee.  My sons like their drinks at what Star Bucks calls “kids temperature”.   I can do all of that… including the boy’s drinks with the new Vue without having to water theirs down with ice to cool them to the right temperature.  Well… that got my attention so I kept watching the infomercial.

And, I ended up purchasing the new Keurig Vue.

They had a backlog in their orders so mine took almost three weeks to get to me.  However, because of the delay, they chose to absorb the shipping cost so I wasn’t charged for shipping.  Also, they didn’t charge my card until they had shipped the product.  And, because I purchased the whole thing outright rather than doing the 5 monthly payments, they included the pod carousel (that you can see in the picture above).  The coffee machine came with 6 boxes of a variety of different kinds of coffees (including decaf), iced tea and hot chocolate.  It also came with an iced coffee glass with straw and a travel mug.

This machine is great.  It’s a lot quieter than our original Keurig.  It also has a water filter that you snap into place that evidently lasts for two months.  (There are two filters included.)   When you turn it on for the first time you have to put water through it, hit brew and them dump that hot water out.  To be on the safe side (and thinking about cleaning out the machine from any potential residue from manufacturing), I kept hitting brew and dumping water until my first container of water was gone.

It takes about 4 minutes to heat up the first time.  After that, it doesn’t seem to be much longer than with our old Keurig.  So, you turn it on and the first thing you see on the touch screen is that it is heating up.  (Sorry about the blurry picture.)

You put the pod in like this and shut the lid.  (Because it’s late afternoon, I chose a decaf coffee.)  It’s that simple.

The touch screen allows you to chose how you want your coffee to be made.  As you can see there are three tabs for hot drinks, specialty drinks, and iced drinks.  You also select the size of your cup and how strong you want the coffee.  (If you choose strong, it brews more slowly through the ground coffee beans and so takes slightly longer to brew.)  Then you hit brew which is the big round circle in the center.

It immediately starts brewing your coffee.  And believe me, when you drink coffee using the Keurig (regardless of whether it’s the old machine with the K-cups or the Vue with the Vue Packs), the coffee is vacuum sealed.  So, it’s like unsealing coffee freshly every time you make a cup.  And each cup is individually brewed so there’s no coffee sitting for a long time in a pot.  Everything is always fresh.

Unlike the K-cup which the machine punctures at the top (to force water into the pod) and at the bottom (where the brewed drink comes out), the Vue Pack is punctured twice at the top (once in the center where the hot water is forced into the pod and once in the spout where it pours out).  This is tidier for clean up because there isn’t any liquid coming out of the bottom of the Vue Pack when you take it out.

But, the thing that I REALLY like about these Vue Packs is that you can peal the top off.  Just pull the tab back and the whole pouch comes out.  Then you throw away the filter full of coffee grounds (or tea leaves) and throw the base into the recycle bin.

Voila!  You have your cup of coffee and everything is very quickly cleaned.

We love our Keurig.  I highly recommend it to any and all.  The only downside to the Vue (at the moment) compared to our other Keurig is that there isn’t as big a variety of drinks to choose from as there are with the K-cup selections.  Since it’s fairly new, though, I expect that we’ll be seeing more and more options as time goes by.

The larger pods in the bottom of the carousel (shown below) are travel mug size, the smaller pods are for regular coffee cup size brewing.  If you’re like me and don’t like your coffee quite so strong, the travel mug size will be too strong for you.  Use the regular Vue packs.  You can order both.  I get my coffees from Green Mountain.  If you are a customer for a while, you get a sizeable discount on the price.  We’ve never had any issues with them and appreciate the discounts.  Also, if you order 4 boxes or more at a time, you get free shipping.  So, if you don’t drink coffee often, you simply tell them to ship once every 12 weeks or however long you want to have between.  You can do all of that online.

So, if you are like I was for years… visiting Star Bucks every day on the way to work… you will enjoy quite a savings by getting yourself a Keurig and using your own travel mug to brew your own coffee the way you like it.  You walk out of your own house with a freshly brewed travel mug of coffee every morning.

For more information on the Keurig Vue, go to Keurig’s website.


I asked Keurig if they would be bringing out an equivalent of the My K-Cup for the Vue any time soon.  Here was their answer as of today.

“Thank you for your email and for your interest in our Keurig Vue Brewer. We do expect to have a My K-Cup equivalent for the Vue Brewer available in early 2013. Please check our website for updates.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions or concerns.”

Update February 5, 2013

Good news!  Another company called Coffee Outlaw sells a product called Solofil Cup V1 Gold that is a reusable Vue pack.  One of the readers of this review purchased his reusable Vue pack and says it works well.  See his comment below.   (Thank you for the update, Michael.  I know a lot of people will be happy about this.)  


NOTE: I do product reviews for the fun of it.  If I find something that I think you all need to know about, I’ll do a product review on it.  I do not get any benefit or compensation from any company for any product reviews that I do.  If I like a product I’ll let you know.  If not, I’ll let you know that as well… and explain why.

See Setting the Temperature Control on Your Keurig Vue.

45 thoughts on “Product Review – Keurig Vue

  1. A nice review. Actually, you can place either regular or travel mug size Vue cups anywhere in the pod carousel, they will fit at any level due to the staggering design of the holders. I do find that the system in general brews stronger cups of coffee, even the medium or light roast cups. It seems necessary to use the light roast varieties and brew a cup size above 10 oz. to get a weaker strength cup. This might be disadvantageous for people like me who enjoy weaker strength coffee, but can be worked around with the settings as mentioned above. All in all, I like the Vue system better than the K-Cup one. (I went through about 10 Cuisinart K-Cup units — thank God for Bed, Bath and Beyond! — and have jumped ship to the Vue Cup system as soon as I knew it was available, just to get different technology from the original units.)

    1. the Cuisinart K-Cup units are the worst i went threw 5 before the 5th one got smashed with a hammer out of disgust, i now own the Vue system i just wish i had a way to brew my own coffee.

      1. I’m sorry you had such frustrating experiences, Michael. Perhaps if enough people ask Keurig to create a filter where we can brew our own coffee they’ll push that up on their agenda. Enjoy your machine!

    1. That’s a good question Brenda. We have two “my K-cup” filters for our regular Keurig. I haven’t seen one for the Vue yet. But, the coffee choices are much more limited than the K-cup as well… for now. I’m thinking that they will end up with something like My K-Cup since that seems to be popular. I did a search when you asked the question, but I haven’t seen one so far.

      1. Great review! We love ours, as well.

        FYI: I went straight to the source and asked Keurig about a “my K-cup” type adapter for the vue.

        They said: Not yet, but they have a reuseable filter planned for the near future.

        Also, I didn’t see one important point mentioned in your review (maybe I missed it): The new system does NOT use or work with the old K-cups.

        1. Thanks for your input! I’m glad to know they have something planned in the near future for a reusable filter. And that’s a good point about the K-cup versus the Vue. The pods are definitely not interchangeable.

  2. Do you or anyone know what is going on with Keurig’s order department? I placed a large order on September 12 and it has still not been shipped. I have received no explanation as to what is going on–it would have been a matter of simple courtesy to shoot me an email and tell me there is a delay. Even now (September 23) I have no idea when to expect it–shipping generally takes a week or so after the order is placed so I am looking at October now unless I decide to cancel and go back to my old drip machine. Not good customer service at all.

    1. Hello Leal. I’m sorry you’ve had a tough experience. I had no problems. The only thing I can suggest is to go to their customer service department and explain the problems.

  3. Very helpful review, thanks! I just bought a Vue after our several year old Keurig broke through no fault of its own. We’ve got very hard water and tried everything to keep it running to no avail. We decided we must buy bottled water for the new Vue.

    In any case, in my search of reviews, I came across this very helpful tip (see link following) on how to use the current K-cups in the new Vue. Pretty nifty and I will be trying it as we have several K-cup boxes of our favorite coffee left:

    1. I don’t speak for the company. I just reviewed their coffee maker because I really like the product. However, to the best of my knowledge, the answer is no. But, I understand from some other sources that it won’t be long in coming. I hope it isn’t too long because we have our favorite coffees that we’d like to put in a Vue My-Cup, too.

  4. Where exactly did you buy it from?! Do you still have the # or website? And also does the vue have a reusable coffee filter like the regular keurig machines ?? Or is it possible to use that one for th vue? Sorry for all the questions trying to decide what’s better to get for my mom for Xmas. All of the things included In yours sounds like a great deal!!

    Thank you!

    1. Cassie, I’m so sorry I didn’t log in until after Christmas. We bought our Vue from QVC because they had an excellent deal on it at the time, including a bunch of different coffees. If you go to you’ll be able to search and see if there are any good deals now.

      Unfortunately, they don’t have a “My Cup” like the My K-Cup of the regular Keurig. But, I understand that it will be coming. I do know a lot of people are asking for it.

  5. The Vue is great if you like brown water. I’ve tried using travel mug size packs with only 8oz of water. It’s still too weak. Going back to my old school mr coffer.

    1. Hi Eric.

      It all depends on your taste. There are a number of varieties. I like my coffee weaker and some are too strong for me. My husband likes it strong and he enjoys some of them. My brother likes it super strong (spoon standing up in the cup strong). It’s too weak for him.

      Thanks for commenting. You sound like you’re like my brother in your coffee preferences.

  6. I love the Vue – we have a Tassig at work and I got hooked on single cup brewed coffee – the taste is far superior to a pot of brewed coffee. The Vue is far superior to the Tassig IMO. I’ll be watching for a reusable cup.

    1. Just thought I would share some info for other Vue users…

      As many of us have come to realize, flavor varieties for the Vue are downright pitiful. This unit has been out for more than a year and still only basic flavors are out.

      There is a way to use K cups successfully in your Vue Machine as I will explain.

      What you will need :
      1. Travel mug sized Vue cup emptied, meaning top peeled off. Rinse before using.

      2. Skewer, something with a sharp point.

      3. K cup of your choosing.

      Take the k cup and poke a small hole near the bottom of the cup on the side. You want to make sure to go below the filter pod inside. That part is crucial.

      Place the k cup in the travel Vue cup, lining the hole up with the spout of the cue cup. This is also critical. You’ll see the k cup fits well in the middle and doesn’t really move around. Place the Vue cup in the brewer as normal and brew.

      The machine will puncture the top normally, fill the k cup and then flow out the spout as normal. It takes some trial and error as far as getting the whole just right to prevent small leaks but I’ve never really much of an issue with that. A friend of mine uses an o ring on the k cup to hold it a bit better but in my opinion this is a bit over kill.

      Has worked well for me for more than 3 months and allows me endless flavors. Hope this helps others until Keurig gets off their butts and gets flavors out there.

      Happy Brewing !

      1. THEY DO NOW!!!!! WOOT i just ordered mine. Ok Ok its not from keurig but its from Solofill, ive been told they sell them at kohls but i got mine from it works great. its the Solofill cup V1 Gold. ran me abotu 30 after shipping, and was so worth it. vue cups dont have my coffee i like which id Dunkin Donuts, so now i make my own with this. Also you can use the coffee pods from one of the other machines in this unit as well it just works great.

        1. just bought vue 700 and the solofill for vue. very disappointed! lots of grinds make it through filter into coffee cup. will return both if I can not find a way to use my own coffee. was using K-cup with filter and my coffee, and will go back to my old system.

        2. Hi Danny. I’m sorry for your experience.

          I’m not familiar with the Vue 700. This review is on the original Vue. Thank you for your input.

        3. mall problem… is only for two of the Vue models. They haven’t tested it for any others (my new one is a V500). Seems if it takes Vue cups, it should work?
          They sell these on Ebay also.

  7. My wife and I upgraded to the Vue as soon as they came out. We like to drink hot chocolate in the evening. Cleaning tip: every time you brew a latte, chocolate, anything with a powder base, you must take the lower spout off and clean it. This piece WILL collect powder and become quite nasty after just a few drinks. Ours became blocked and caused quite a mess. It only takes a few seconds to remove the piece and run water over it.

    To remove the spout: lift lid (where the cups go), grasp the lower spout (where the coffee comes out) there are squeeze tabs on the left and right sides of it. Just squeeze and pull the piece down/out.

    The first time I removed it for cleaning it took a while to clean. My fault, as I had prepared dozens of powder based drinks before I cleaned it. Since then, my wife and I remove and rinse it after every powder based drink. It takes less than 15 seconds to remove, rinse, and replace. They did a GREAT job designing this piece!

  8. I just bought a Vue last week, and at at my local Bed Bath and Beyond they had the Solofill V1 for $18. Thanks for the review.

    1. Hmm… I’m sorry your experience is bad.

      There are so very many brands out there that can be used in the Keurig now. Perhaps you can try some others. None of them are strong enough for my brother, unless we use a large pod, put it on the strong setting, and brew a 6 ounce cup so it uses less water. It won’t suit everyone. However, there is a filter you can get where you can use your own coffee. You don’t have to buy any of the pods that fit a Keurig.

  9. I just purchase the Vue 700 and love the Solofill V2 filter and enjoy that hubby can use HIS coffee grounds…the problem with the adapter for the k-cups could be a simple solution for the solo company. all they need to do is make a seperate lid for the filter with the gaskets smaller to fit the k-cups..if you follow their directions to pierce the top with your thumb and then remove the hinged lid then brew you will have a cup full of grounds…I tried to find the home site for the Solofill company and had no luck..

  10. Sheree: Fantastic review. We just got a Vue for Christmas from my father, and we’re looking forward to joining the single brew crew! We should have a Solofill tomorrow from BBB. Thanks again!

  11. We’ve used k-cups like mentioned above and been using the refillable cup from solo but as stated just using the gold filter has a few grounds in cup of coffee. Started making pods using basket style coffee filters and about 2 tbs of favorite coffee. Just twist into a tight ball and poke into top of refillable cup and coax into gold filter cup and no more grounds….

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